Join our family in the journey of adoption!

As I began to think of ideas for a fundraiser I was inspired by my family. The Lord has knitted Matt, the boys and I into a beautiful unit. We each bring unique aspects into life and I wanted to be able to show that in the items we will be selling. This is why we chose tie dye! Aside from raising money, we are hoping that we will also spread awareness about interracial adoption. We have not been matched with a birth family yet, but we believe God will bring the perfect baby to us. We have no preferences in gender, ethnicity, and we are even open to twins.

You can order your shirts by size, but the particular color pattern will be a surprise!  I know that may feel uncomfortable to some, but I think it is a great way for you all to show support in our process as we are waiting to meet the baby (or babies!) that God has created for our family. 

Early in our marriage Matt and I realized that life was more joyful being surrounded by children. We enjoyed being children's church and youth group leaders. We would also have our nieces and nephews over frequently. People always commented that we had a special gift when it came to interacting with kids. As we dreamed and talked to one another about the future, we agreed we would adopt as well as have biological children. 

When Matt was in college we became foster parents. We did not anticipate adopting out of the system because we were still young and working on our education. The boys were placed with us when they were two and three years old. We originally became foster parents to support biological families in reunification but when asked if we would consider adoption we had absolutely no hesitation. The things that would have prevented others from adopting played no weight in our situation. God's plans to make us a family were larger than the differences in skin color, our ages and financial status.

At the beginning of this year, we sought fertility treatments for the first time in our 8 year marriage. After only a few months we had spent nearly all of our savings, without any success. We began to feel at peace with our infertility as God opened our hearts to adopt once again. We are all so excited to see what the future holds. Since we told the boys of our plans, they have been talking about and praying for their new baby sibling or siblings every day.

Thank you for helping us bring home the newest member of our family!

(If you are local please contact us to make an order so you will not be charged shipping.)